Our Team

Angel Pelayo and Shine Misa

Angel Pelayo and Shine Misa

Angel Pelayo is a trusted realtor who has been serving clients with integrity for the last 17 years. She makes it her mission for all her clients to understand the WHAT, WHEN, HOW, and most importantly, the WHY of each step involved in the purchase or sale process. She believes that knowledge empowers people to make sound decisions. Home ownership or selling one’s home is always a major decision often fraught with emotions. Angel’s soft-spoken but confident demeanor reassures clients of a pleasant buying or selling experience no matter how complex the situation may seem.

The same soft spoken but confident demeanor helps her cultivate a team spirit in all the players involved in the transaction – there is no “US” vs “THEM” when Angel is part of a real estate transaction.

Shine Misa has been Angel’s Client Care Specialist since 2006. She loves her job and it shows in her interaction both with clients and with realtors. Clients love it that there is always someone to take their call to answer whatever question they may have. Shine is responsible for booking viewing appointments, coordinating documents and making sure they get to the next stage of the process in a timely manner. Sometimes she’s a shoulder to cry on or the bearer of good news!

Heaven-sent is a big word to live up to and we try our best to be just that to the people we meet through our practice!